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New breakthrough: Dongfeng power battery life 1000km +


Developed by the Dongfeng Technology Center,
Power battery system,
A new breakthrough has been made recently,

Based on the latest Dongfeng power battery system, dongfeng new energy strategic platform is under development models

Has passed the real vehicle test
The range can exceed 1,000 k m

This power battery system
What are the "super" abilities?
Now to reveal the secrets ~ pictures

01 Ultra-long battery life
High specific energy cell with independent and efficient group technology
The whole vehicle range exceeds 1000km
The power battery system is developed based on the independent and efficient group technology, and the energy density exceeds 230Wh / kg, reaching the advanced level of the industry. After the prototype vehicle carrying test, the range of the power battery system CLTC (China light vehicle driving condition) has reached more than 1,000 k m.

02 Super Smart
High-precision SOX estimation, lithium dendrite self-repair technology
Effectively relieve the endurance pressure
The power battery system uses an intelligent all-weather battery safety management system, which can achieve a millisecond level response rate. With the support of high-precision SOX (battery status) estimation and lithium dendite self-repair technology, the service life, human-computer interaction experience and driving range calculation accuracy of the power battery system are greatly improved, effectively alleviating the battery life pressure and solving users' electricity anxiety.

03 Super security
High-strength safety frame and fire extinguishing system
Realize the battery system 0 thermal runaway
The power battery system adopts high strength aluminum alloy frame, realize the first order mode above 60Hz, more than 2 times the relevant national standard (200KN extrusion pressure, no structure failure); through the structure topology optimization, the battery pack structure can be durable more than 3 times the national standard.

In addition, the power battery system also import fire extinguishing system to achieve rapid fire extinguishing, fully guarantee the safety of the user ride above —— module layout spray fire extinguishing pipeline, fire extinguishing pipeline and module integration, pipeline part using special material, after high temperature melting trigger injection six carbon gas-liquid bipolar fire extinguishing solvent, achieve rapid fire extinguishing.

In the test process, the power battery system can keep the thermal runaway cell and the adjacent core working normally under the condition of the rapid cooling of the cell, realizing the battery system of 0 thermal runaway, and escorting the strength of the user's safety in driving.

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