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The foundation has been firmly laid, and the grand plan will be displayed next year


The company's internal personnel and external expert consultants held a special meeting to discuss the export of Junfeng new energy vehicles in 2023.

From December 3rd to 4th, the company held a special meeting in Wuhan to discuss the work of Junfeng New Energy Vehicles in 2023. The meeting held that the foundation has been consolidated, the time is ripe and grand plans can be achieved.

The company has been planning the overseas new energy vehicle market since 2019. After three years of beneficial exploration, it has made gratifying achievements in the overseas market. First, the company has established an overseas sales system, which can calmly respond to the demand for products and services in the overseas market; Second, approval from the government has been secured. We are sophisticated in every aspect involved, such as import and export qualification registration, customs filing, foreign exchange settlement, special vehicle import and export license, commodity inspection and customs declaration, overseas logistics and insurance, export tax rebate, etc. After three years of operation, we have gained high trust from various government departments, and is a white list enterprise for China's new energy automobile export. Third, we have controlled a series of new energy vehicle resources. Both OEM customized models and cooperative models of the company are marketable models, among which "Dongfeng" and "Junfeng" brand new energy vehicles are most favored by overseas users; Fourth, we have cultivated a group of loyal merchants with long-term cooperation, who come from all over the world. They are the seeds that will surely drive the great development of the company's overseas market in the future.

According to the seminar, in 2023, the company will closely follow the good situation of China's new energy vehicle export, strive to make the best of our company's inherent advantages, continue to expand the market, and let more Junfeng new energy vehicles go overseas. The first is to constantly improve the competitiveness of products, so that models with higher cost performance can adapt to the market and meet user needs; Secondly, according to the actual situation of the overseas market, establish the after-sales service system with the characteristics of Junfeng Company, and innovate the business model to solve the overseas after-sales problems; Third, we will continue to consolidate the existing market and develop new markets organically, so that Junfeng's new energy vehicle market share will continue to increase.

Junfeng believes that, when necessary, overseas assembly bases can be built to organically combine the export of finished vehicles with the export of KD parts to meet user's needs.

The leaders and experts present also discussed a number of professional issues such as the application of core technologies of new energy vehicles overseas, laws and regulations to meet the needs of overseas users, product certification, and the use of independent brands and trademarks.