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WuHan JunFeng Automobile Co., Ltd Introduction

WuHan JunFeng Motor Co., Ltd is registered in the Wuhan City Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is the automobile city in the Central China region. JunFeng Motor Co., Ltd is an innovative company with an Internet thinking model.

The company has a large number of elites in the field of new energy Motor, and has reached strategic cooperation agreements with China auto industry leading enterprises such as FAW Group, DongFeng Motor Corporation and ChangAn Automobile Group, JunFeng motor focused on vehicle development and core components for smart and new energy vehicles. Product development, innovative business models with the Internet's thinking way, explore new paths for the development of smart and new energy vehicles . The company's start its business with the “Dongfeng.Junfeng” brand of new energy vehicle,operated with  Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

At present, JunFeng motor is engaged in extensive and in-depth cooperation with avant-garde platforms and advanced enterprises in the field of intelligent and new energy vehicles in the whole value chain, using advanced technologies, core resources, business model innovation, and financing platform to build opportunities and win in the market.

The company's vision: Smart and new energy vehicles will be part of our lives;
The company's goal: to create a new model of new energy vehicles with internet way;
The company's positioning: China's non-production qualified company vehicle, travel mode provider;
Brand positioning: leading brand of Smart and new energy vehicles 
The company's core competitiveness:
   the team with the Internal and international elites,  most
of them with more than 20 years of traditional car development experience, with more than ten years of new energy vehicle development Technology accumulation, with more than 8 years of new energy vehicle demonstration operation mode; in addition we have the external vertical DongFeng Motor Technology Center, Dongfeng Commodity Research Institute, Supported by the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Xiangyang) Center and the National Battery Testing Center (Zhangjiagang). there are Aojie automobile technology , ART , Youke automobile technology Company, Wuhan Institute of Technology, New Energy Industry Research Institute, and Segula Engineering Company in Frace, Nissan Foreign Research, such as the Automotive Research Institute, the German Continental Electric Research Institute, and the Infiniti Controller R&D Company.
Business model innovations cooperate with such as  Free to move, PonyCar, Df-Go, DingDong , connection and control of the vehicle, FeiDi, Ancai & Jingtian science and technology ,DiDi, Uber platform collaboration, to create a new business model of the B2B2C company.
There are three major business of the company:
Vehicle development: smart + new energy + quality Close to the user's vehicle development to make the user have the high quality experience. 
Three core electric Technical: control and integration of the three core components of battery, electric drive and electronic control.
Marketing model: innovative of business model, provision of comprehensive solutions for sales and services
The company's business layout:
Company headquarters: Wuhan Hubei
General assembly headquarters: Xiangyang Hubei, Changchun (funding) Sichuan,  Chongqing (funding)
North China Branch Headquarters (base): Jining Shandong
Southwest Branch Headquarters (base): Enshi Hubei,  Chengdu Sichuan

Product layout: in the next five years
Three models of A-class vehicles;
Six models of B-class vehicles.
The company's vision:
Vehicle development is our soul, because we fully embody the user experience needs in our product...
The control of the three core resources of Electric Vehicle and the matching of the whole vehicle is our magic weapon, because we have the international vision of new energy vehicle development and international technical experts, they have more than 20 years of experience of EV development...
      The unprecedented construction of the marketing platform allows us to use the shortest path, the lowest cost, and the most close to user needs. Because we are the most loyal to the  "God"(the user)
We will be as the DIDI or the MeiTuan in the new energy vehicle. We have the first-class qualification and first-class brand of vehicle in China, we havet the first-class production works in China, we have the first-class quality testing standards in vehicle; we have the  world-class management experts; we have the world-class technical experts, we cooperate with the world's first travel platform, To occupy the world's largest new energy vehicle market. We are the tide of the times, we are full of confidence, we will have the bright future of new energy vehicles!
Let's set sail, we have a bright future!