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Mini Car

A scooter designed specifically for roads with speeds below 50 kilometers per hour; it is the same model as 100KM/H per hour.

The car is equipped with advanced modern technology products, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of science and technology; the body design of high-end cars makes your driving more comfortable; equipped with lithium-ion batteries, making our lives more environmentally friendly; excellent power, allowing you to drive more Easy; the compact body allows you to stop at will, and there is no chance for the police to stick a ticket.

Of course, her price and usage cost are even more attractive!

If you want to be her agent, please email us: cc_junfeng@163.com

Model A Model B Model C
整车参数 ××高(mm 3380×1499×1610 2920×1499×1610
Vehicle Parameter Dimensionsmm

轴距(mm) 2440 1980

Wheel Basemm

轮距(mm 1310/1310 1310/1310

Track Widthmm

轮胎型号 155/65 R13 155/65 R13

Tire Type

座位数(个) 4 4

Number of Seats

车门数(个) 5 3

Number of Doors

整备质量(kg) 720 750 670

Curb weightkg)
性能指标 最小离地间隙(mm 150 150
Performance Index Minimum Ground Clearancemm

最小转弯直径(m 9.8 8.3

Minimum Turning Diameter

最高车速(km/h) 60 60

Maximum Speed (km/h) 

综合工况续航里程(km 110 180 120

NEDC Range(km)

经济车速续航里程(km) 130 205 140

Economy speed range(km)


Brake regeneration

最大爬坡度 25% 28%

Maximum Climbable Gradient

Model A Model B Model C

电机类型 永磁同步电机

Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
动力系统 电池类型 锂电池
Drive Train Battery type  Lithium Battery

系统电压(V) 72 72

Voltage PlatformV)
系统结构 驱动方式 后置后驱
System Structure Type of Drive Rear-engine Rear-drive

悬架系统(前) 麦弗逊式独立悬架

Suspension systemFront Mcpherson Independent Suspension

悬架系统(后) 五连杆式非独立悬架 三连杆式非独立悬架

Suspension systemRear Five Connecting rods Non Independent Suspension  Three Connecting rods Non Independent Suspension 

驻车制动类型 手刹

Type of Parking Brake Hand Brake

Model A Model B Model C
操纵配置 EPS电动转向助力系统
Control Configuration Electric power steering


Vacuum booster


Sport Pattern
内部配置 4寸段码仪表 --
Interior Configuration 4 inch segment LCD

7寸液晶仪表 -- --

7 inch LCD

组合仪表 -- -- --

Combination instrument

多媒体 -- -- --

Multimedia system

双联屏(双液晶) -- -- --

Double Screens with media function


Fabric Seats

仿真皮座椅 -- -- --

PU Seats


Power Window
外部配置 倒车影像 -- --
Exterior Configuration Reversing Image 


Reversing Radar

电动调节外后视镜 -- -- --

Power Mirror


Steel Wheel

铝车轮 -- -- --

Aluminum Wheel

LED crystal transparent halogen integrated front combined headlight 

LED rear combined taillight 
-- -- --
空调系统 手动空调
Air-conditioning System Manual A/C

Model A Model B Model C
安全装备 遥控钥匙
Safety Device Remote Key

低速预警 -- -- --

Low Speed Collision Warning


Three-point Belt (Front Seat)

The back door child safety lock 

Co-pilot safty handle
-- -- --

Driver seat belt is not prompted 

Door warning light off 

Remote central door lock 

Triangle warning board 

Emergency rescue kit (vehicle) 

后排三点式紧急锁止安全带 --

Three-point Belt (Rear Seat)

ABS防抱死制动系统 -- -- --

Anti-lock Brake System 

EBD制动力电子分配系统 -- -- --

Electronic Brake force Distribution

胎压监测系统 -- -- --


智能远程终端(T-BOX) -- -- --

Telematics BOX
Vehicle design Dongfeng Motor Company

OEM customization  Wuhan Junfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.