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Leadership speech

Dear friends:

Hello everyone! Welcome to Junfeng Motor Company.

A new era is approaching in China's automobile industry. Under the guidance of the national environmental protection policy and in accordance with the development direction of the auto industry policy, China is speeding up the cultivation and development of energy-saving and new energy automobile industries, so as to promote the sustainable development of the automobile industry. Speed up the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and foster new economic growth points and international competitive advantages. With the rapid development of information technology, the automobile intelligent technology provides the second engine for the automobile. The intelligent system is integrated into the whole vehicle from the bottom, and the data can be interacted in the cloud, which becomes the important driving force of the vehicle.

Junfeng car-from "Dongfeng". Junfeng ", is an Internet thinking car model innovation company."

We have gathered a large number of elites in the field of new energy, and have reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Dongfeng Motor Group, specializing in the development of smart and new energy vehicles, and the development of core components and products. Internet thinking under the innovative business model, strive to explore intelligent and new energy vehicle development of a new path. The company set sail strategy for the strategic cooperation with Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. "Dongfeng". Junfeng brand new energy passenger car.

At present, we are cooperating extensively and deeply with the industry avant-garde platform and advanced enterprises in the whole value chain of intelligent and new energy vehicles, using advanced technology, core resources, business model innovation, financing platform building and other links to seize the lead. Win the market.

Vehicle development is our soul, because we fully reflect the user experience requirements in the product.

Our core resource management and vehicle matching is our magic weapon because we have international vision and international technical experts in the development of new energy vehicles, with more than 20 years experience.

Marketing platform has never been built, so that we can take the shortest path, the lowest cost, the most considerate user needs. Because we are most loyal to God.

We will be Didi and Meituan in new energy cars. Use domestic first class brand qualification, use domestic first line brand, use domestic first class production factory, use domestic first quality test standard, use international first class management expert; The world's largest new energy vehicle market is occupied by world-class technical experts and the world's top travel platform. We are the tide of the times, we are full of confidence, we will have a new energy car of the future!

Let's set sail, for we have a bright tomorrow! President of the company.

chairman:  KaiYong Xiang