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The EX1 model was officially upgraded to the EX1-Box model


From December 1, the original Dongfeng EX1 model distributed by Junfeng Company was officially upgraded to the EX1Box model. The selling price of the car is not more than 14500 USD, which is very affordable, especially suitable for commuters.


In terms of appearance, the overall shape of nano BOX seems to be a microcosm of EX1 PRO, which still uses the rounded design language. The car body adopts a new mint green car paint, and the light color car paint brings a fresh feeling. The reinforcement line of the front enclosure and the vehicle head form a V-shape visual effect. The two sides are designed with split lamp groups. Although the upper strip LED daytime driving lamp does not use the through design, the silver trim strip in the center brings a through effect. The lower lamp group is decorated with wide gray and white matte trim strips around, and the interior has a high and low beam lamp group design, which looks slightly cute. The front surround, the lower part and the front shovel bring a trapezoidal hollow design, making the front face look very cute.


The side design of the car body is still very round, and there is no obvious line design on the whole. The new car is equipped with a trapezoidal black guard plate at the wheel arch, which, together with the silver luggage rack above the roof, brings a sense of cross boundary tram vision. The door handle also adopts a lovely semicircle design, which is small and delicate, and can form a good match with the body.


The design of the whole car is mellow, and the rear of the new car is also mellow and full, forming a good echo with each other. The lower part is equipped with 14 inch aluminum alloy wheels, which are delicate and lovely at the same time. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 3732mm, 1579mm and 1515mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2423mm, which is located in the A0 pure electric car.


In terms of interior decoration, the overall "T" type vertical layout is adopted, and the dashboard design with Morandi color contrast brings a fresh feeling just like the appearance of the car body. It is equipped with a 7-inch full LCD instrument and a 10 inch suspended high-definition touch control central screen. The central screen supports navigation and multimedia, and has mobile phone connectivity. Although there are not many fancy functions, this configuration is sufficient for a household car. Both sides of the air outlet of the air conditioner adopt circular design, and the central part adopts strip design. You will feel warm and pleasant once you sit in the car.



Under the classic three rotary air-conditioning adjusting knobs, the suspended knob gear shifting mechanism is adopted, which shows a more scientific and technological sense of the whole vehicle. The suspended design can effectively save space and bring more ample storage space. The other buttons are consistent with the old ones, which is convenient for operation during driving. The black piano paint panel and the white trim strip form a good visual effect, bringing more amazing visual impact.

According to Dongfeng, the trunk volume of the nano BOX is 300L, and the rear seats can be expanded to 1000L after they are laid down as a whole, which should be quite spacious compared with the same level of models. In terms of power, the official only disclosed that the vehicle's driving range under CLTC condition is 331km. The car will be equipped with the same front single motor of Dongfeng EX1, with the maximum power of 33kW and peak torque of 125Nm. The vehicle can be charged from 0% to full power in 4 hours under the 7kW slow charging state, while it can be charged from 30% to 80% in half an hour under the 30kW fast charging state.


At present, the model is sold to East Africa, West Africa, Dubai, Europe and other regions, and is widely praised by local users.