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Release of JF-007 Electric Racing Car


On May 25th to 26th, amid the vibrant atmosphere of the FIA Formula E World Championship, Dongfeng's mainstream technology electric brand eπ, launched the new JF-007 electric racing car for the global top-tier event ETCR (Electric Touring Car World Cup) in Shanghai. This is the world's first standardized ETCR racing car, designed and marketed globally by Junfeng Company. On the same day, Junfeng Company also attended to provide users with the latest model information.

Yu Zaiqing, member of the International Olympic Committee and Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Tang Dongying, Deputy District Mayor of Jiading District, Shanghai, Zhang Heng, Acting Vice President of Dongfeng Research and Development Institute, and Xia Qing, Chairman of Lisheng Yundong Sports Technology Co., Ltd., unveiled the race car.

As the largest and most participated electric sports event in the world, The holding of Formula E provides a broad stage for the development of electric racing. For a long time, electric vehicle racing based on mass-produced vehicles has not been able to take shape due to technological and cost constraints. The successful development of JF-007 electric racing cars has filled this gap and is expected to provide a localized solution for the upcoming ETCR top-level events.

The JF-007 electric racing car adopts advanced technologies such as an 800V voltage platform and coaxial dual motor rear wheel drive. Its single motor has a peak power of up to 350kw, a rated power of 200kw, and is equipped with a 79kWh race specific battery pack, which can support sprint racing needs for more than 20 minutes, demonstrating the company's deep strength in the field of electric racing.

It is reported that in 2024, The JF-007 electric racing car will undergo concurrent testing along with relevant events, using real-world data as a reference, for continuous design improvements and engineering optimization. In the future, Junfeng Company will continue to explore more possibilities for connecting with overseas users with more advanced technology, higher-value products, and more comprehensive services, aiming to expand the overseas market.

The JF-007 series of pure electric vehicles, including racing and civilian versions, promoted globally by Junfeng Company, are now open for orders to global customers. The high-quality Dongfeng pure electric racing cars are sure to bring new enjoyment to users worldwide.