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Junfeng to Launch Series of Right-Hand Drive Electric Sedans


Information from a reporter Xia Wuwu: Based on its existing models, Junfeng Automobile Company will vigorously develop right-hand drive steering wheel models (RHD) and sell them to countries and regions around the world with right-hand drive mode.

In recent years, Junfeng's new energy vehicles have been sold worldwide, with their quality, performance, and reputation being highly appreciated by local users. However, over 95% of these models are left-hand drive (LHD), leaving a gap in the market for RHD countries and regions. To address this market gap, Junfeng is increasing investment in product development and business model research, innovating its product development approach. The company has already planned and developed a series of RHD intelligent and new energy vehicles, which will be gradually introduced to the market soon, showcasing Junfeng's smart and new energy vehicles in RHD countries. Currently, Junfeng's lineup includes the JF-L01 model, an SUV model, featuring a highly technological feel, a minimalist design, and a range of over 550 km. This model is available in both LHD and RHD versions and offer both two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. In the future, this model will be extended to sedans and MPVs. The JF-L01 also comes in an LHD version for the European market. The JF-L10, an economy sedan designed for commuting and family use, is set to launch in September. Its excellent performance and affordable price are expected to attract significant attention in RHD countries and regions. The JF-L05, a low-cost mid-sized SUV, is scheduled for release at the end of the year. This model retains the features of the JF-L01 while reducing costs and size, making its range more economical and practical to meet the needs of different users.


With the mass launch of "Junfeng" brand RHD model vehicles, the brand influence and market share of "Junfeng" automobiles will be greatly increased.

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