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Matching of smart vehicle and new energy vehicle systems

Our team has accumulated more than ten years of smart vehicle and new energy vehicle matching system experience.

"Hybrid, pure electric (from lead-acid battery to lithium iron phosphate battery, ternary lithium battery), fuel cell, smart car L2, L3 vehicle development, verification, commercialization process. Semi-solid battery , Solid-state batteries, in-wheel motors, L4 level and other cutting-edge technologies.


We can undertake the following vehicle matching:


---- Matching and verification of pure electric vehicle development based on various battery paths to help achieve commercialization;

---- Development and verification of hybrid vehicles based on the latest coupling technology to help achieve commercialization;

---- L2, L3, L4 level smart car technology, semi-intelligent car technology matching, demonstration operation;

---- Development of pure electric vehicles in charge and exchange technology in the power exchange mode;

---- Verified development of any core components designated by the user to replace the original vehicle configuration;

---- The whole vehicle is developed in the forward direction, the reverse direction, and iteratively.


We can achieve turnkey projects;

We will gather domestic and foreign vehicle experts, core parts experts, commercial operation experts, and automotive inspection experts to give guidance;

We have full-time and part-time personnel to complete project goals within a reasonable time required by the client.

We develop vehicles using the phase system.