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JF-007 Pure electric racing car

007 Pure electric racing car

Dongfeng JF-007, playing with the posture of a tram.

Tram playing posture? I believe many consumers who are interested in the new energy market cannot imagine it, and today's protagonist, in terms of appearance and styling, can be said to have a bit of style. It is the Dongfeng JF-007.

In the past, people used to like to say "what people need, what Wuling makes", but recently Dongfeng brand seems to have taken on this job.

Dongfeng  is a newly created new energy brand by Dongfeng Motor, and JF-007 is the first model of the brand. It has also officially announced its pre-sale price, including the extended range version, which starts at 159000 yuan in China; On the other side, our own Dongfeng Nano is also offering a generous price and a good experience.

So what exactly is this JF-007 like? Firstly, the e π brand occupies a very important position in Dongfeng New Energy, and it directly aligns with the core new energy models of independent brands such as Changan Qiyuan and Geely Galaxy.

As the first model, Dongfeng JF-007 is positioned in the mainstream market of mid to large-sized sedans ranging from 150000 to 250000 yuan. In this price range, it can be said that "internal competition" is very exaggerated, and JF-007 uses a special way to seize the market of consumers.

In terms of design, the body design of the coupe makes the JF-007 very recognizable, and in order to make the car more sporty, the car has also been designed in many details; The red brake calipers, adjustable tail wings, and adjustable welcome lights that can be switched according to different themes make the entire car look more personalized.

In addition, without any effort in design and functionality, it is also not enough. In addition to having a sporty body, 007 also has something in terms of dynamics, with a low drag of 0.209 and a 50:50 front to rear ratio.

Imagine that today's young people, whether choosing fuel powered or electric vehicles, pursue performance coupes not only for appearance, but also for true technology. The 0.209Cd low drag of JF-007 not only improves speed performance, but also significantly helps with the endurance of electric cars.

The 50:50 front to rear ratio of the counterweight is a technical requirement, and such a design not only allows the center of gravity to shift backwards during rapid acceleration, but also increases the grip of rear wheel drive. Ensure that the tires do not slip or waste, and that the center of the vehicle is located in the center position during cornering, which is very helpful for handling. Driving fast and steadily is equally important for daily commuting.

It is not difficult to find that in the field of electric cars, acceleration and performance can be said to be diverse, allowing every consumer to experience the speed experience that only high-end sports cars have in the past. On the new energy track, Dongfeng's core technology is Mach E electric drive technology, JF-007 160kW rear single motor, 200kW rear single motor, and a total power of 400kW front and rear dual motor assembly.

The Dongfeng JF-007 pure electric version can achieve acceleration performance of 6.8 seconds, 5.8 seconds, and 3.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h, which is sufficient for daily commuting in family cars.

In addition, in terms of pure electric range, the low-end Dongfeng JF-007 model has a range of 530 kilometers, while the long range version reaches 620 kilometers.

Speaking of this model, besides its distinctive appearance, what I personally think is more interesting is the interior and configuration of the JF-007. Firstly, at a price of 150000 yuan, it has a good advantage in the same class, making it easier for people to get started and also providing a good experience.

The design of the dashboard in the car that can achieve reverse rotation is very attractive, but unfortunately this configuration is not standard across the entire range. It can be optional in the second top and top models. The biggest advantage of this is the combination of "one click deformation", which allows the car to reverse when entering sport mode, making the driver's attention more focused.

In addition, in sport mode, the 15.6-inch central control screen of the vehicle will also undergo changes, achieving throttle opening and closing, G-value, and steering wheel steering. This is a very interesting experience for drivers who love racing cars, and even ordinary users can show off well in front of friends.

In terms of intelligence, JF-007 appears to be large and comprehensive. Although it may not be far ahead in all aspects, its overall use is more in line with practical needs. With the support of the 8155 chip, the car's operation experience is online, and its functions are also suitable for daily use.

But 007 still has some leeway in terms of "rolling" intelligence, after all, it is equipped with a high computing power intelligent driving system that can support high-speed NOA navigation, memory parking, remote moving, integrated parking and other functions. Although it does not have 8295 chip support in 2024, it provides users with over 250000+intelligent assisted driving experiences.
The key is how it drives. The model I test drove this time is a rear wheel drive version, based on its maximum rear wheel drive power of 200kW. In standard mode, the starting feeling is still very powerful, and the "powerful flying brick" may be the thing that many beginners fear when driving electric cars.

But in standard mode, its start has been tuned and there is no abrupt feeling, and the sense of home use can also be balanced. When switching to sport mode, it is obvious that its motor output response is more positive. Moreover, when driving on high-speed roads, it releases the switch multiple times and accelerates without any attenuation, proving that the stability of the motor can withstand the test.
In terms of handling, JF-007 makes different adjustments to the steering force according to different modes. The hypocrisy during steering is not obvious, but in sport mode, the required force is a bit difficult for female drivers. It is recommended to use comfort mode for daily use.

In terms of suspension, the rear suspension is a five link linkage, which is rarely equipped in models of the same price range, indicating a strong chassis performance.
I have done enough of it. During the test drive, the rear suspension can provide sufficient support when passing through bumpy roads without excessive shaking. When passing through "flying slopes," the vehicle can adhere to the ground and have excellent suppression of bouncing.

For Dongfeng brand's promotion of new energy vehicles, they have also test driven models under Dongfeng Yipai and Dongfeng Nano, and the most profound experience is the more "practical" driving experience for users.
The car is more simple, but ordinary consumers can afford it without excessive hardware investment, and can truly experience the driving and riding experience brought by technological progress. Based on the current pre-sale price, it will also bring more surprises to everyone when it is officially launched, which is likely to become a high-volume car model that can be used for both household use and control.

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