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We need your join

 We provide services of different links, different contents and different models to global intelligent and new energy vehicle manufacturers, distributors, core component suppliers, business model innovators, and cross-industry entrepreneurs.

We will use JUN FENG's technical value and business value to create more, better and longer-lasting value for you.

We have collaborative professional R & D centers in the United States to study the core technologies of new energy vehicle electric drive and vehicle control technology to provide us with the latest and most cutting-edge technologies in the world.

We have 100,000 new energy vehicles in China and 5 years of actual operating data and business model practices.

We have distributors and customer intelligence collectors in Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, and can get the latest user experience, demand information, and competitive brand operation information.

We believe that with your participation, your career and ours will be more brilliant.

For our common earth, let's promote new energy vehicles together to make the sky bluer and the water cleaner.